• 2016 17 . 11

    In the context of the celebration of World Philosophy Day (November 17, 2016) at the Institute of Philosophy, an international round table “Belarusian philosophical tradition in the context of the world of philosophical culture” was held.

    The event was attended by prominent representatives of the historical and philosophical schools of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine. In its course we discussed the place and role of the national philosophical tradition in the dynamics of the global philosophical knowledge. The roundtable revealed and comprehended the relationship between the self-understanding of the national school of philosophy and cultural-historical self-identity of the nation. In comparative way the features of the philosophical process in the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine in the era of Soviet philosophy (since the mid-twentieth century) and in the period of independence. Continue reading »

  • 2016 03 . 11

    On November 4, 2016 the Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus will hold the  honoring one of the most authoritative philosophers of modern Belarus, a specialist in the history of the Belarusian philosophy, culture,  aesthetics and ethnically oriented philosophical disciplines professor Engels Doroshevich. This year, he is 85 years old.
    The Intsitute’s Center for history of philosophy and comparative studies  has prepared to the anniversary the roundtable meeting on the theme “In the name of truth, goodness and beauty…” It will bring together scientists and teachers of the Institute of Philosophy and the Belarusian State University of Culture – the two institutions, which are closely related to the creative biography of Prof. Doroshevich. Reports on the contribution of Prof.  Doroshevich to Belarusian philosophy and culture will be read, analysis of his most important scientific ideas and concepts will be done, and the tasks of studying the historical and philosophical heritage of the nation in the context of the priorities of philosophical studies in Belarus, Eastern Europe and the world at large will be investigated during the meeting. Continue reading »

  • 2016 02 . 11

    Institute of Philosophy, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the European Charter of regional languages ​​and languages ​​of minorities of the Council of Europe held on November 2, 2016 an international round table “Minority Languages in Belarus and the Council of Europe Standards”.

    The event continued the fruitful dialogue that was started by the first round table on the subject of national minorities in Belarus, which took place in June 2016. This dialogue is aimed at solving specific tasks set out in the programmatic cooperation network of interaction between Belarus and the Council of Europe and the European Union.

    The event was attended by Belarusian scientists, government representatives, heads of public associations of national minorities and Belarusian educational institutions that organize teaching in minority languages, as well as the authoritative experts of the Council of Europe.

  • 2016 01 . 06

    On June 1, 2016 the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus A. Kobyakov presented state awards to prominent persons of science, education and culture. Among the recipients – the director of the Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus Anatoly Arkadievich Lazarevich.
    A. Lazarevich has been awarded the Francis Skaryna Medal by Presidential Decree of 25 March 2016 №110 for many years of fruitful work, considerable contribution to the development of science and education. Continue reading »

  • 2016 19 . 03

    On March 19, 2016 the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus celebrates its 85th anniversary. Our institute is not simply one of the oldest research institutions in the country, but also an important center of philosophical research and intellectual culture, the cradle of the Belarusian academic school of philosophy, which has has earned renown in the country and abroad.

    Our institute can be proud of its notable scientific publications that people read with interest and dispute about; major international scientific forums which have seen guests from four continents; honorable national and international awards. But the main wealth of the institution are certainly its talented scientists, experienced and young researchers – genuine heirs of the millennial tradition of philosophical and political thought of Belarus and those who will shape the Belarusian spirituality and culture in the XXI century.

    We congratulate all employees of the Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus, all those whose fate is linked to the activity of the scientific center: those who was involved in the post-graduate and doctoral studies here, discussed here scientific works, defended dissertations, as well as all of our colleagues, conference participants and international cooperation partners – with this remarkable anniversary!
    Continue reading »

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