• 2017 27 . 03

    The Congress is organized as a part of the program of the Year of Science in the Republic of Belarus. It is intended for integration of philosophical community of the country around the ideals, values and research tasks shared by its members. The organizers of this forum have the goal to present systematically the history and intellectual capital of the Belarusian philosophical tradition, to reflect its role in the development of philosophical knowledge nationally and globally.

    During the Congress, it is planned to reveal the potential of domestic philosophy in the solution of theoretical-methodological, spiritual-cultural, and value problems. There will be discussed the cultural-creative role of philosophical knowledge in the modern society, its capabilities in the field of harmonization of social relations, optimization of the processes of state-building, theoretical-methodological support of the modern education system. Continue reading »

  • 2017 26 . 01

    By the Day of Science in the Republic of Belarus the Institute of Philosophy has timed holding of the international scientific-practical seminar “Methodological research and development of science.”
    The event will be attended by scientists in speres of philosophy, methodology, logic, experts in the field of organization of interdisciplinary scientific and promotional teams. The agenda contains questions on the nature and trends of contemporary transdisciplinary science, especially modern scientific world-outlook, problems of formation of researchers’ and sudents’ methodological culture. The participants will discuss substantive issues related to the implementation of breakthrough research programs at the junction of the traditional themes of philosophy of human, his consciousness, philosophy of society and culture, and topical issues of the modern natural sciences, life sciences, engineering and technical creativity Continue reading »

  • 2017 11 . 01

    At the turn of the year 2016-2017 in the Institute of Philosophy, was a series of events dedicated to summarizing the activities of the organization for 2016 and planning for the coming year. Noticeable among them was the honoring of the employees who have reached new heights of performance and recognition in the past year. For example, a senior fellow at the Center for Knowledge and Competencies Management and Vitaly Demirov has become in 2016 the winner of the National Academy of Sciences and the Foundation for Support of Education and Science (Alferov Foundation) Award for the series of works “Modeling based on the structure of cognitive processes, semantic technologies and temporological concepts. ”
    At a special meeting of the Academic Board of the Institute Director A. Lazarevic and leading researchers have expressed Vitaliy warmest congratulations and wishes for new successes.
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  • 2016 22 . 12

    Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus invites you to attend a public lecture by the famous Russian scientist, specialist in the field of interdisciplinary research, synergy, risk management theory George Gennadievich Malinetski.
    Topic: “Synergetics in the new scientific picture of the world.”
    The event will be held in the framework of an interdisciplinary research seminar of the Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Belarus “Philosophical Problems of Science and Technology” on December 22, 2016 at the address: Minsk, ul. Surganova 1, Bldg. 2 (the building of the Department of Humanities and Arts National Academy of Sciences of Belarus), room 302 (3rd floor). Beginning at 15:30.


  • 2016 16 . 12

    December 15, 2016 the Institute of Philosophy of the Republic hosted the meeting of the representatives of the philosophical community. On this day, the opening of the Intellectual Club “Women in philosophy” took place. This is the new project of the Institute, aimed at coordinating the discussion and solution of urgent socio-cultural problems.

    Intellectual Club, the idea of ​​which belongs to initiative employees of the Institute of Philosophy: N. A. Kutuzova, O. I. Davydik, N. S. Ilyushchenko, T. E. Novitskaya, Yu. P. Sereda, created in the context of international practice on the organization of national and international professional communities, contributing significantly to the development and popularization of philosophical knowledge, ideas and concepts. The organizers aim to engage in joint activities a wide range of women philosophers, to promote fruitful dialogue and partnership among scientists of Belarus and abroad.
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