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Syncovichskaya church-fortress


Syncovichskaya church-fortress is a monument of Belarusian Gothic. It was built as an Orthodox Church at the beginning of the 16th century in the village of Synkovichi (Zelva district), probably, on the means of the Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky, it is made of striated brick in the technique of Gothic laying. It is consecrated in honor of Archangel Michael. It is three-naved four-pillared temple of the hall type with three small semicircular eastern apses. The main volume (triangle in the plan) is covered with dual-slope roof with brick frontons on the butt-end and flanked in the corners by 4 military towers (in western side –eight-planed, in eastern- circular in the plan) with loopholes and spiral stairs inside. Under the roof over the vault there is a room which was used by defenders of temple in case of its siege. The towers are covered with short cone-shaped hipped-roof. Outside three apses are united by common plastic roof. Alter part doesn’t have any defensive facilities. The main artistic accent is made on the fronton of the principal front, decorated with arched bays of 11 types, built in 5 tiers. At the top of fronton there is a bay window. Artistic expressiveness of architectural decision is emphasized by a combination of whitened planes of bays and opened laying. Inside three naves are divided by columns and arches. Apses are joint with the main room by semicircular arched aperture. Southern apse is recovered with gothic vault. Vestibule is built much later. In 1880-81 there was some renewal with slight changes of architecture; in the 1990s it was restored. It is a historical and cultural value of republican significance.


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