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  Welcome to the portal "Partnership Strategies"!

We are glad to bring to your notice the text and multimedia system intended for informational and analytical support for the development of partnership between Belarus and European Union states. Its opportunities are associated with ensuring the conditions for sustainable, equitable and mutually beneficial dialogue and cooperation in the spheres of science, culture and education.

Strategic approach to this kind of interaction presupposes its forming-up on three functional levels: in the activities of public authorities, civil society institutions and private actors of scientific and cultural life. The modern life makes several requirements to this interaction.

In order for this interaction to be really productive and meet all these criteria, each of its three levels should receive appropriate scientific and methodological support.

Developers of the information analysis system pursued a number of goals achievment of wich will allow effecive forwarding of the S&T cooperation of the EU states and Republic of Belrus organisations.

Functioning of information analysis system is an extensive process, which success is guaranteed by a quick reaction and high-level analysis of a geopolitical and social dynamics. That is why information analysis system will be persistently supplemented.

At the web-site it is possible to become acquainted with a considerable amount of classified data concerning intellectual and spiritual history of Belarus as an important civilized center on the European continent; history, current state and prospects of humanitarian, scientific and technical cooperation of Republic of Belarus with other countries.


The structure of the information analytical system consists of the raw of subject blocks:

The developers would like to mention that if you want your activity to gain the expected effect while using the information analysis system, it is not enough to acquaint yourself with it briefly. As the substantial development of informational data array will occur on a permanent basis, it’s necessary to follow updating and changing of data. Also, the developers of IAS “Partnership Strategy” hope that its own expert community of scientists of Belarus and other states will establish “around” this system, which will contribute to the development of the system.


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